Website design and development… 

Harness the power of the Internet to drive sales, cut costs, and enhance your image.

Websites can be a great way to communicate because they’re affordable, limitless, and available virtually everywhere 24 hours a day. Websites can also increase and cut costs by streamlining operations and helping you meet your goals. Increase your customer base and cut your sales and administrative costs by placing downloadable forms and information online, allowing orders and purchases online, helping customers find the information they want 24 hours a day. The possibilities are limitless.


To be effective, however, websites require solid writing supported by quality design that reinforces the message, all logically organized with simple navigation.

Ah, but first the customer has to find the website. Effective websites use a simple and logical domain name. Meta tags are coded within the web pages so search engines can find the keywords, and the pages are actively registered with directories and search engines.

Lamer Gray provides innovative website design and development created to effectively and efficiently deliver your message to your target customers. Affordable and effective, Lamer Gray offers website design and development with ongoing maintenance and technical support options.


Our Website Skills Set

  • Strategic design
  • Social media
  • Streamlined navigation
  • Website development
  • Messaging and image
  • Writing and editing
  • Graphics and layout
  • Email accounts
  • Domain name services
  • Website hosting
  • Masking and forwarding