Special events

Special events aren’t just about logistics, although those can be overwhelmingly detailed.

Special events are marketing events designed to meet specific objectives with targeted groups. Those groups may be donors, clients, volunteers, politicians and government officials, board members, or peers.

The success – or lack thereof – is also very public. So it’s critically important to manage details extremely well. Special events require thorough and advance planning with backup plans, solid publicity and promotion with a consistent message and theme, complementary printed materials, and expert management of multiple relationships with facilities, personnel, stars, news media, caterers, board members, donors, the public, and others. What does your next special event need to accomplish?

A benefit concert, a significant milestone, sponsorship of a major sports event, an anniversary worthy of public celebration and notoriety. Whatever your special event, Lamer Gray can help you manage both the event and the publicity required to make it a success.

Our Special Events Skills Set

  • Fundraisers and benefits
  • Special Event planning
  • Publicity and media tours