Public Relations

Lamer Gray provides strategic, tactical, targeted public relations:
an essential approach for businesses and nonprofits.

Public relations can be defined as developing and managing mutually beneficial relationships with target groups of people (or publics). These publics may include employees, media, investors, customers, and the community. Lamer Gray can help you identify your key publics and write messaging to help position your organization to meet your goals. PR fluff and spin? No way. Those terms apply to laundry, not PR.

Media Relations, Messaging, and Positioning

We’ve trained executives to effectively seize media opportunities to deliver marketing messages while still meeting the reporter’s need. Such a skills set requires advance preparation for positioning and messaging. The goal is to effectively and accurately deliver your message while creating a win-win opportunity for both your company and the reporter.

Crisis Communications and Crisis Management

We’ve trained public relations practitioners to effectively communicate, position, and manage a crisis. We’ve handled a few ourselves – including an employee murder, a hostage situation in a retail store, gang-related violence in an urban area, and much more. Learn to analyze your risk in a dynamic situation, determine your strategy, and decide on your response.

Our Experience

For more than two decades…

We’ve sat in the hot seat. We’ve been interviewed by the Wall Street Journal, scores of local daily newspapers, business publications, and broadcast news reporters. We’ve had a microphone in our face when the time came to deliver a strategic message in time of crisis.

We can help you succeed in those types of situations because you’ll understand what you need to do to prepare and deliver.


Our Public Relations Skills Set

Social media strategy, messaging, and implementation

  • Publics segmentation
  • Strategic PR plans
  • Annual plans
  • Media relations
  • Publicity
  • Messaging and¬†Positioning
  • Crisis communications
  • News releases
  • Media kits
  • Special events
  • Research
  • Websites