Lamer Gray is experienced in marketing and public relations for nonprofits.

Good Works.

We’ve worked in the shelters, in the workplace, and in the boardrooms of dozens of nonprofit agencies serving communities. We have served on United Way panels, nonprofit agencies’ boards of directors, and volunteer public relations and marketing committees. We’ve led corporate fundraising campaigns for nonprofits, supported community drives, and responded during crises including the Oklahoma City bombing. We’ve written grants and led fundraising efforts for nonprofit organizations.


Fundraising begins with strong public relations skills designed to build mutually beneficial relationships between nonprofits and funders. We can help you develop strategies to identify and profile target funders, communicating with them the effectiveness and appeal of your organization’s solutions, and building mutually beneficial long-term relationships with them.

Grant writing

Effective grant writing is 80% research and 20% writing – and is most definitely an art form. Research accurately matches the need with those of a funder…then great writing tells the story in an accurate and compelling way. An effective proposal focuses on the client and their need – that is, the condition in their life that the grant proposes to change. The proposal must logically describe the proposed methods, timeline, and budget to facilitate that change. The objectives must be measurable, the writing crisp, the story compelling, the format precise, and the details accurate. The proposal must logically appeal to a funder and emotionally move them to act. It’s no small task by any means. We can research grants for you, help you write them or write them for you, or evaluate and provide effective feedback to improve your grant writing or grant writing process.

Special Events

Special events aren’t just about logistics, although those can be overwhelmingly detailed. Special events are marketing events designed to meet specific objectives with targeted groups. Those groups may be funders, clients, volunteers, peer nonprofits, politicians and government officials, even board members. What does your next special event need to accomplish for your nonprofit?

Our Nonprofit Skills Set

  • Public Relations
    • Media relations
    • Volunteer programs
    • Crisis communications
    • Image and positioning
  • Presentations
  • Special events
  • Print materials
  • Video materials
  • Social media promotion
  • Web-based marketing
  • Websites
  • Development
    • Fundraising
    • Grant research
    • Grant writing
    • Donor programs