Communications is more than the exchange of thoughts, messages and information in a clever, creative way. Communications includes both the message and the medium, whether it’s watching, reading, listening or logging in.

Communications is an umbrella term under which we include a list of skills that combine journalism with strategy, production, positioning, and messaging – skills we’ve honed to perfection over the years.

Here’s where you’ll typically find Marcom, the abbreviated name of Marketing Communications, communications that serves a marketing purpose.

Communications connects people, your customers, your market. It sells product and services, creates customers and attracts investors. Communications raises funds, recruits alumni and donors. How effective is your organization’s communications program?

Within this area, we offer a lengthy skills sets itemized at right.

Our Communications Skills Set

  • BrandingAdvertising
  • Event planning
  • Marketing communications
  • Employee communications
  • Writing
  • Speech writing
  • Technical writing
  • Grant writing
  • White papers
  • Print and publications
  • Websites